23 Dec 2019

Wedding Mondays

Since I’m on my holiday vacation, I finally have some time to share the posts that I want to share! We haven’t been consistent with Wedding Mondays in the last year and that may be for a couple of reasons. Wedding videos are getting to be a lot longer! They pile up for me at the end of every week and instead of looking forward to them like I used to, Wedding Mondays feels like a chore. I’m into my 2nd week of vacation though and tonight, the idea of wedding videos felt calming to me. As the years go on, I become a bit pickier. I’m surprised at how quickly this caught my attention and became the one I wanted to post though.

From Lily’s dress to the Southwestern wedding venue, every detail seemed like a dream. It looked like the type of party you wanted to go to. It’s a celebration, but casual and not too stuffy the way some weddings often times feel. You never hear Lily and David speak in this video, but from their interactions and body language, you can tell that they are a fun and playful couple.

For all of the details, I highly recommend checking out their post on [Green Wedding Shoes]

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