Month: January 2020

31 Jan 2020

Kyoto’s Ace Hotel Now Accepting Reservations

I’ve never stayed at an Ace Hotel location, but I’ve also never heard a bad thing about them. Even though their newest location won’t open up until April 16th, 2020 officially, they are now starting to accept reservations. Architect, Kenga Kuma, known for also being the principal architect of this year’s 2020 Olympic Stadium, was a partner to the brand in this latest design. All of this, of course, ties together because the hotel will open just in time for the big event!

“I intended to design a cultural catalyst for various people to visit and create a seamless relationship with Kyoto’s community,” explains Kuma. In a previous life, the historic section of the building used to be the headquarters of Kyoto Central Telephone Company, originally designed by architect Tetsuro Yoshida.

In addition to accommodations, services onsite include gardens, a gallery, event spaces, and a cafe and three additional restaurants. Each of the 213 hotel rooms will host classic Japanese soaking bathtubs and original art by Saniro Yunoki. As you can imagine, the hotel will be stunning, but will come at a price. Reservations are [open] and during high season will start at $400 USD a night.


31 Jan 2020

Nordstrom Launches “See You Tomorrow” – Resale and Secondhand Concept

For years, people always remembered Nordstrom for having one of the best customer service policies. Why? Because you could basically return anything to Nordstrom at any time and often times without a receipt. And the company would still honor it. It’s unclear if that is still happening, but whatever, the case the customer service is still top notch above all other stores I shop at.

In a new concept, Nordstrom is introducing “See You Tomorrow” re-selling pieces that were gently used, returned, or damaged. Don’t expect your typical vintage thrift store types though. Partnering with resale company, Yerdle, each piece has been professionally cleaned, refurbished, and repaired before returning to the racks.

“There’s a grading system that we have and it goes from pristine, to excellent, to great, and we don’t go below great,” explains Vice President of Creative Projects, Olivia Kim. “At that level it just means that maybe there’s a small scratch but it’s still not noticeable. It’s still in what we would consider [to be] pretty awesome condition.”

The concept store is only being rolled out to New York City’s flagship starting today. For those of you who aren’t located in NYC, but still want access, there will also be an online shop as well. At a later launch, Nordstrom customers will also be able to gift back to the brand their pre-loved pieces in exchange for a Nordstrom gift card.


30 Jan 2020

Skechers x Sailor Moon

Never in my wildest dreams could I ever really imagine Sailor Moon doing a collab with anyone. I know that’s silly to think of because the 90’s are truly making a comeback right now, but it’s amazing to see them partnering with a brand like Skechers. Even if you can’t be your favorite Sailor Scout in real life, you can, at the very least, represent one. Set to their D’Lites Airy 2.0 Silhouette, each one is fitted and colored to highlight a different Sailor Moon character.

While the color schemes may vary depending on the Sailor Scout, each will come with a wide satin ribbon lacing and their respective planetary symbol. At the moment, the shoes are only available in Singapore’s Skechers concept stores.


30 Jan 2020

Snaps for a Snapshot

Who: Kathryn Newton

Wearing: Prabal Gurung

Where: 2020 Costume Designers Guild Awards

Who: Margot Robbie

Wearing: Dries Van Noten

Where: London premiere of ‘Birds of Prey’

[Source] [Source]

30 Jan 2020

Meet Barbie’s “Fashionistas”

Mattel’s Barbie collection has come a long way from my days of playing with the dolls. Back then, I can barely recall if Barbie had an Asian American doll, but nonetheless, the dolls that I did receive were your standard and signature. It didn’t have a negative impact on me then or garner any kind of reaction from me because I didn’t know any better. In 2020, I’m happy to see Mattel reflecting beauty in all different sizes, shapes, and skin tone.

Barbie introduced the “Fashionstas” line back in 2016 to highlight those were plus-size, tall and petite sizes. Now, they’ve taken it a step further with its latest collection. The latest batch features dolls that have varying hairstyles and are disabled. Even Ken, got a little bit more progressive and showing off longer locks!


30 Jan 2020

Away Launches “Aluminum Edition” Suitcase Collection

Despite all the drama that is surrounding the suitcase brand, they are still releasing new collections. In the new aluminum edition, colors come in “Silver,” “Onyx,” “Gold,” and “Rose Gold.” To snag one of these suitcases, you’ll have to shell out between $475 to $595 USD. All of these suitcases are now available online from their [store.]


28 Jan 2020

Driveways [Trailer]

It’s a special thing for me to get to share more movie trailers in the last two years featuring Asian leads than ever before. If you’ve seen Watchmen on HBO, you may recognize Hong Chau who portrayed the dynamic Lady Trieu on the series. In “Driveways,” she travels with her young son Cody to clean out the home of her late sister with intent for it to be sold. Shy Cody also manages to form a bond with Korean War vet and neighbor, Del. As the summer continues, the mother and son start to develop a home for themselves in their new setting. Expect “Driveways” to be released this coming spring.

28 Jan 2020

Elizabeth and James x Kohl’s

Even though I don’t own many pieces from these types of collaborations between high end fashion brands and fast fashion, it’s something that I fully support. Way back when, it wasn’t just prices that deterred people from shopping bigger brands. Often times, it was about accessibility. In some cases, local malls weren’t housing these brands and online shopping wasn’t always a thing. The collaborations were created as a way to bridge several gaps. In the latest one, Elizabeth and James paired up with Kohl’s for a line of apparel, shoes, and accessories slated for March 13th. Here are a few of my favorite pieces from the collection:

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