02 Jan 2020

Controversial: Does This Item Come With You On Vacations?

Earlier this summer I spent a quick weekend in [Vegas] and one of the toughest questions I had to answer was “is my work laptop coming with me?” Our schedule was packed between day clubs, going out, and having meals so I knew there wouldn’t be any time for real work to get done. However, the idea of not bringing my laptop at all erupted some bit of anxiety. 75% of the work I needed to take care of could be done from my phone or emails, but what about the other 25%? How did I feel about those odds?

My team encouraged me to completely disconnect. They let me know that if there was anything I urgently needed that I could lean on them. Sure enough, as soon as I got to my gate an urgent request came through – one that only I could take care of! If I’m being honest, when I do take my laptop on vacation with me, I am rarely using it. It’s my safety net! I know that if I needed it for any kind of emergency that it is there for me. However, is that extra weight in my bag absolutely necessary? Readers, I’d love to know – when you go away on vacation how unplugged are you really?

Posted on January 2, in Life

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