04 Jan 2020

Bridal Gown Snaps

No, it’s not for me! Before we jump to any conclusions, I have to say how fortunate I am to come on this ride with Elynn. Out of all of my friends, she’s the first that is giving me the most in depth look into this entire process. And of course, it’s completely different than what I originally expected. When it gets to be my time, I’ll be more ready than I ever was before! Not too long ago, I tagged along with Elynn’s Maid of Honor and her parents to see her try on dresses for the first time. It was a moment in which I thought just her parents would get emotional, but it was the opposite. It truly is an overwhelming (in the best way!) experience and breathtaking.

There’s no way to best describe it. If I could, it’s like watching your friend graduate into the best gown of her life though. You’re watching them transform right before your eyes. Dresses that hung lifeless on hangers in the store now are the most magnificent pieces you’ve ever seen. That’s what that’s like!

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