18 Jan 2020

Instagram Will Make Messaging From Desktop Available

For some amount of time, I thought that I was only one wishing that this was a feature! I know it can be exhausting, but I like being dialed into all of my apps on various platforms. It’s one of the reasons that I love having iMessage because I can use it from my phone easily, sure. However, if I’m charging my phone in the other room and on my laptop, I can still get to my messages. In fact, it may even be faster from my laptop because I can type faster. There have many times where this is the case, but I can’t respond to a DM from someone from my laptop. It always fascinated me that this wasn’t an original feature. Now, it looks like it’s in the works at least in the form of testing with a few users initially.

Hopefully it will test positive and roll out to everyone. Also, does anyone else feel like Instagram has been releasing a ton of new features lately?


Posted on January 18, in Design

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