26 Jan 2020

11 Years of Yow Yow!

How did we almost let January slip by without a post about our anniversary?! I’ve been putting off writing this post not because my feelings have wavered about the blog at all, but because I wanted to be clear and intentional about my thoughts. Over the holidays, we pushed out nearly 70+ posts. Yes, we had three weeks of uninterrupted time and I wasn’t working my day job, but nonetheless, I was proud to feel productive. I hadn’t felt that energized in a long time. The last time I had a stint of time where I could write that much was in between jobs, but back then the focus wasn’t on Yow Yow! It was on myself. It was about getting myself back to a place where I was confident, taking care of my mental and emotional health, and preparing to return to work.

This past holiday was different. I was able to wind down work just in time to focus entirely on Yow Yow! and get some much needed rest of course. I’ve been sitting on an idea for a series for a year. That doesn’t feel good to say. It sounds like we procrastinated for a year and are making excuses. I’ve given this a lot of thought though. In a year, I gave myself time to focus on a purpose for this series and articulate why this was important to me.

Yow Yow! has opened many doors to me. In the past few months, we had some partnerships, but the goal has always been to go beyond that. I think having this platform can be a window to new voices other than just my own. In the next couple of months, I want to prioritize how we do that. I want to express my gratitude to everyone in my life that continues to support Yow Yow big or small. Some of you continue to read it on your own time sometimes telling me or not. Those closest to me are giving me ideas or taking photos for me. And many of you continue to ask me how things are going and generally taking in a small interest into what I call my side hustle that does not produce an income or money. Thank you all.

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