27 Jan 2020

Our Favorite Grammy 2020 Performances

It was difficult to watch the Grammy’s yesterday evening when there was a very obvious dark cloud over the event. The loss of Kobe Bryant was touched on a number of times during the show and to be honest, it’s still carrying over today and will continue for some time. In comparison to other Grammy Awards, yesterday’s was all about the performances and a handful of key awards. Not much was presented on stage aside from from presenting the performers. Here are just a few of my favorites.

YouTube won’t give me the videos of all the performances I want to highlight, but I can share three from these amazing ladies. For Demi, this was her first performance since she overdosed in 2018 and was hospitalized. Camila’s ‘First Man’ single is a dedication to her father and it’s impossible to watch this without having a wet face afterwards.

Other performances that make my list include:

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