28 Jan 2020

McDonald’s Breakfast Menu Gains Two Chicken Sandos

In their latest announcement, McDonald’s is sharing the addition of two new chicken sandwiches to their breakfast menu. Looks like they aren’t the only fast food joint to get in on this craze! For a limited time and nationwide, McDonalds will serve up a Chicken McGriddles and McChicken Biscuit. Based on the photographs, while appetizing, I’m wondering what’s up with the lack of egg? I mean, is this honestly a breakfast sandwich without one?


Posted on January 28, in Life

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  • monday scaries
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  • 10/10 would recommend adding mayonnaise to every @shakeshack bite
  • perfect morning ☀️
  • Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️
  • Maybe this spring we’ll add color into our wardrobe
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  • We’re gonna have a room like this in our house someday, but we’re not sure what we’ll call it yet.

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