30 Jan 2020

Meet Barbie’s “Fashionistas”

Mattel’s Barbie collection has come a long way from my days of playing with the dolls. Back then, I can barely recall if Barbie had an Asian American doll, but nonetheless, the dolls that I did receive were your standard and signature. It didn’t have a negative impact on me then or garner any kind of reaction from me because I didn’t know any better. In 2020, I’m happy to see Mattel reflecting beauty in all different sizes, shapes, and skin tone.

Barbie introduced the “Fashionstas” line back in 2016 to highlight those were plus-size, tall and petite sizes. Now, they’ve taken it a step further with its latest collection. The latest batch features dolls that have varying hairstyles and are disabled. Even Ken, got a little bit more progressive and showing off longer locks!


Posted on January 30, in Design

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