Month: February 2020

27 Feb 2020

Our Holiday Party Look

We are so delayed in sharing our holiday party look from last December! If you’ve noticed that this dress looks familiar to you, it’s because some of you have seen it before. This dress was actually featured in our holiday party dress guide for 2018! As many of you know, many of the dresses I typically feature are ones I would wear myself. Some are more affordable than others and while others are a perfect fit, some are a stretch! Every year, holiday party dress shopping is a challenge. Most of the dresses you want to wear for your holiday parties come out just a few weeks before your actual party date. You also want to make sure that you get all your accessories to go with the dress as well. Most party dresses look great with a plain gold choker so that can be a go-to option, but depending on your style, you might want to mix it up! When possible, you’d always like to be more well prepared than not.

In an effort to do that, I tried something I had never done before. Most of you know that I’m also not an online shopper. In an attempt to get ahead of the rush that everyone else goes through, I decided to take a look back at the dresses from my previous guide that I had created a year before. The downside is that most of these dresses are sold out which is understandable one year later. What worked in my favor though was finding this [French Connection] piece that I loved and was now half off!

In a way, choosing this dress was a culmination of holiday parties for the last six years. It incorporated all of my favorite things: lace, velvet, sheerness, corduroy and the most beautiful berry hue. We didn’t take too many photos from the evening because of how much fun the night was, but here’s one below of my two co-workers and I! I decided to go simple with the makeup, but add fake lashes. For my hair, my stylist quickly ran a curling iron through all of it. Keeping this intact all night was tough because San Francisco was storming that day so nothing held up.

26 Feb 2020

Blog Roundup

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  • The Wing’s Audrey Gelman confronts the realities of rapid growth [Fast Company]
  • The Nice Guy Trope, Explained
26 Feb 2020

The Wasteful Side of Industrial Design

When it comes to being more environmentally conscious and sustainable in life, I would give myself a “D” grade. There is plenty of room for me to improve and it doesn’t help that I can think of five things right off the bat that I could change in my lifestyle to be better. One is composting. The second is snagging myself a reusable water bottle – a task that I put off so easily, but that would make a huge difference.

In [Dina Amin’s] latest stop motion series, she pulls apart industrial designs to showcase how wasteful the parts of it can be.

The video below highlights a cassette player, old cell phone, hairdryer and a point-and-shoot camera.



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