01 Feb 2020

Welcoming February

I recognize that February is a random month to be considered a favorite, but Valentine’s Day helps that along. It’s something to look forward to especially because every year January seems to drag on forever. One resolution that I’ve been working towards is this idea of being “kinder” to myself. I mean that in the literal sense – removing self-doubt, negativity, and criticism. However, I also want to include more things in my life that bring me joy. It’s the month of love and loving yourself is just as necessary.

Today, was a series of that. After sleeping in, I was able to get myself to the workout class that I always make excuses for missing. Yes, it’s at 10:30, but mentally preparing for it isn’t easy. Following class, I popped on over to [Acme Floral Co.] to hand pick a bouquet, grab a coffee and actually sit down for a healthy breakfast at [Wholesome Bakery] Too often, I find myself wanting to grab something and go because I am either in a rush or don’t want to take up space. Instead, today we took up all the space and could just sit in stillness for a bit.

My Saturdays are often littered with tedious errands and for some reason I don’t know where all these come from. Every week, it’s a new set of things to get done. Today, I’m just happy to be able to do so many things for myself and to get the much needed rest after a work week. Here’s hoping that your Saturday and the first of February were treated with the love and care that we all need.

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