08 Feb 2020

Weekend Thoughts: A Second Wind

As many of my friends get ready to turn 30, our conversations have really elevated on its own. All of us started our careers right out of the gate from college, but now that we’ve been doing this for almost eight years, it’s something that we can’t envision for the rest of our lives. For our parents, starting and ending with the same career wasn’t out of the ordinary. Back then a 9-to-5 was also standard. That in itself hasn’t been my normal since 2012! Clearly, the times are changing and while I’ve read a lot about women getting a second wind in different careers, I’m wondering how common it is.

Another question I have is, how early can you start your second career? While eight years of working sure does feel exhausting as I’m going through it, to an older generation, that’s nothing. Readers, I’m so curious; is this something that you think about for yourself? As much as I love my career, it’s not the thing that I dream about often. Some may say, I’ve created a ceiling for myself as to when I’d be ready for a completely different shift. Where that may be, I’m not quite sure as long as it allows to be a little bit more creative. It might involve spending more time on Yow Yow! A part of me has enjoyed crafts like florals and plants or running a shot. Let’s also not forget that my first love was always within music so in that case my second wind is really my first.

Who knew that turning 30 could be the year of reflective periods? I sure didn’t.

Posted on February 8, in Life

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