31 Mar 2020

Japanese Chef Illustrates His Meals for the Last 32 Years

Whether I’m traveling or trying out a new restaurant in my hometown, I often find myself thinking back to previous meals. I’m lucky to have Instagram to capture all of these if not in a post, at least a story. One Japanese chef takes the cake though for his idea!

For the last 32 years, [Itsuo Kobayashi], has been painting his meals in great detail capturing them in notebooks and standalone works.

What stands out is that all of these drawings feature an overhead perspective so that all of the ingredients of the food Kobayashi depicts can be seen. Furthermore, in the blank spaces in his compositions, the artist writes the names and prices of, and his opinions about the food and the ingredients he portrays. He adds positive descriptive words about his subjects, such as “delicious,” so that he may provoke good memories when he later looks at the drawings.

Since starting this project at the age of 18, Kobayashi has created at least 1,000 illustrations.


Posted on March 31, in Design

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