09 Apr 2020

SF Eats: Noon All Day

It’s a little bit strange to be writing about SF restaurants during this time of shelter-in-place, but an ideal time for me to catch up on posts. Describing to a friend from out of town how challenging it can be to find a brunch spot with a short wait time is something I’m not a stranger to. A few of those places are warranted and will exceed your expectations. The majority of those though might disappoint you. I’m easy to please! What I want to find is a casual place without a line and with a good brunch menu. It doesn’t need to be the spot that everyone’s talking about because long lines and wait times don’t always match the hype.

[Noon All Day] isn’t new to the scene, but hasn’t been around as long as the others. It was a breath of fresh air walking into the cafe and with plenty of open seating. I got my usual “breakfast sandwich,” but on a croissant which is what they normally have on the menu. There are plenty of ways to mess up something as simple as a breakfast sandwich, but this one did not disappoint. Visually, it was beautiful. Taste-wise, it was exceptional. 10/10 would return!

Posted on April 9, in Life

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