22 Apr 2020

A Social Distance

I’ve been rereading some of the last few posts I’ve written and it’s not hard to detect a bit of frustration in my words. I can’t even pinpoint it to one thing exactly. It’s the administration, or the fact that people are breaking quarantine, job loss, but also increased reporting of xenophobia. All these negative outcomes that I never thought could all be related (among others that I haven’t listed) are because of COVID-19. In a way, this has taught me a lot about consequences and impact. Reaching some peak anxiety tonight, watching this video came at the right time.

The video reminds me that I’m not alone. And sometimes even when we think we’re doing okay, we think we don’t need to hear that, but we do. Quarantine isn’t just happening in my city or my country; it’s everywhere but yet we forget. These emotions and overwhelming feelings are felt by many others in the world. This race to finish what’s in our fridge before things expire is not just a game that I play by myself. Counting while washing my hands to make sure it’s an appropriate time is now routine. “A Social Distance” brings us all together at once and was filmed in 30 different countries featuring a wide range of people.

The short film directed by [Ivan Cash] and [Jacob Jonas] was made through compiled clips sent by everyone and filmed via Zoom. However you may be feeling today, I hope this brings you a little bit of joy or a smile.


Posted on April 22, in People

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