27 Apr 2020

The Last Dance

In some ways, I’m shocked that I haven’t shared this trailer yet on Yow Yow! but to be honest, this wasn’t one of the things that I was looking forward to watching yet. While indoors, I’ve been consuming an obscene amount of television shows and movies. Don’t worry – we’ve got a list that we’ll be sharing after this is all over. Originally, “The Last Dance” was supposed to premiere in June on ESPN, but with games being put on hold because of COVID-19, the 10-part documentary series had moved up its premiere date.

Every Sunday, ESPN airs two episodes from the series for a total of two hours. We just wrapped up week two last night and Sunday nights watching this series is the highlight of my weekend. Growing up, I was still too young to fully grasp the magic of Michael Jordan when he was nearing his final run on the Chicago Bulls, but that didn’t stop me from knowing what I needed to know about him. Within the first 10 minutes of the first episode, I was completely enthralled. I was confident that this was easily going to be the best documentary I’d be watching in 2020 and even though we’re not done yet and we have seven more months to go, I’m standing by that.

The documentary covers the 1997-1998 champion season for the Bulls and highlights many interviews from legends and never-before-seen footage. Michael Jordan is an incredible force, but even the documentary itself doesn’t always paint him in the best light. Watching these four episodes has made me miss attending basketball games and I’m really looking forward to when shelter-in-place gets lifted so that we can do that again.

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