Month: April 2020

25 Apr 2020

Blog Roundup

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  • Op-Ed: John Cho: Coronavirus Reminds Asian Americans Like Me That Our Belonging is Conditional [LA Times]
  • How to End a Video Call Politely [Life Hacker]
  • They Were the Last Couple in Paradise. Now They’re Stranded. [New York Times]
  • The Right Way to Play Monopoly [Vox]
  • Forget Edibles – Drinkables Are the Next Big Thing in Cannabis [The Takeout]
  • How to Tell Everyone in Your Apartment Complex That You Don’t Want to Hang Out in Quarantine [Mel Magazine]
  • Dua Lipa On How She Became the World’s Quaranine Queen [High Snobiety]
  • Georgia’s Governor Lets Businesses Reopen. Some Say No Thanks. [Wired]
  • 63 Cloth Masks to Shop Now [Vogue]
  • Kobe Bryant Had All-Access Film Crew Document His Final Season [Hypebeast]
  • Second Life Podcast: Joy Cho [WhoWhatWear]
  • Kansas City Is Now Home to a BBQ Vending Machine [Atlas Obscura]
25 Apr 2020

Saturday Check In

Happy Saturday everyone! I thought I would uset a photo of me since it actually has been some time. In the past week, we’ve started to show up for our days differently. While there’s nothing wrong with leggings as a uniform, I’ve noticed that I have more energy and I’m happier when in a dress. On any given day, a dress would be what I would wear almost every day so why should that have to change in quarantine? I’m also finding little reasons to get dressed up. Today it was for the corner market and attending a DJ set put on by Harley Viera-Newton and Ross Schwartzman.

At this point, I have completely lost track of how many days we’ve been in quarantine. While San Francisco’s shelter-in-place is set to expire next week, it’s likely that we’ll extend for up to another month if not more. I recently learned that some companies are enforcing work from home until September so that parents have more flexibility for their kids not in school. 2020 is wild, y’all!

As we head into another week, I hope all of you are still practicing social distancing, being safe, and wearing a mask. I know it’s hard for some of you to be without human interaction during this time. I’m watching friends of mine struggle and break quarantine because they think they are exempt human beings, but c’mon. You are better than this. You’re stronger than this. Hang in there.

24 Apr 2020

Anne Hathaway’s “Pillow Challenge”

In times of COVID-19, we are seeing celebrities dip way back into the past and reviving things that bring us a bit of joy and nostalgia. Fashion seems to be at a standstill during this time, but that hasn’t stopped people from getting creative with the “Pillow Challenge.” In a recent Instagram post, actress Anne Hathaway took part in it and with a nod to her former character as “Princess Mia” from “The Princess Diaries.”


23 Apr 2020

Netflix – Hollywood

Is anyone else feeling like they have a long list of shows and movies to catch up on while in isolation? I’m a few days behind in watching this trailer mostly because I hadn’t heard too much about it. I’m familiar with Ryan Murphy, but was always too scared to watch American Horror Story. That made me a bit unsure about this latest project of his. After watching the trailer though, I’m slightly intrigued especially because of how many people make an appearance. Hollywood as a limited series premieres on Netflix starting May 1st.

23 Apr 2020

Coming Soon: 100+ Episodes of Sailor Moon for Free

Anytime someone asks me what my favorite show was growing up, I always declare “Sailor Moon” without any hesitation. How could you not love smart, stylish young women that were living ordinary lives and fighting crime on the side? There were also five of them, which meant that you didn’t have to always identify with the lead Serena. You could feel like you were actually a Raye, Lita, or Amy. I was a hardcore fan as a child so hearing the news that all episodes would be released onto YouTube for free starting April 24th was the quarantine news I needed. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to binge as they’ll be released in batches until July 23rd.


22 Apr 2020

A Social Distance

I’ve been rereading some of the last few posts I’ve written and it’s not hard to detect a bit of frustration in my words. I can’t even pinpoint it to one thing exactly. It’s the administration, or the fact that people are breaking quarantine, job loss, but also increased reporting of xenophobia. All these negative outcomes that I never thought could all be related (among others that I haven’t listed) are because of COVID-19. In a way, this has taught me a lot about consequences and impact. Reaching some peak anxiety tonight, watching this video came at the right time.

The video reminds me that I’m not alone. And sometimes even when we think we’re doing okay, we think we don’t need to hear that, but we do. Quarantine isn’t just happening in my city or my country; it’s everywhere but yet we forget. These emotions and overwhelming feelings are felt by many others in the world. This race to finish what’s in our fridge before things expire is not just a game that I play by myself. Counting while washing my hands to make sure it’s an appropriate time is now routine. “A Social Distance” brings us all together at once and was filmed in 30 different countries featuring a wide range of people.

The short film directed by [Ivan Cash] and [Jacob Jonas] was made through compiled clips sent by everyone and filmed via Zoom. However you may be feeling today, I hope this brings you a little bit of joy or a smile.


22 Apr 2020

Song of the Day

Kacey Musgraves – Oh, What A World 2.0 Earth Day Edition

We’re starting to lose track of our days now, but today is Earth Day and more than ever it’s apparent from everyone how tough it is continuing to stay indoors. Even given today, it’s still no excuse to be reckless and be outdoors not social distancing. I loved the original version of “Oh, What A World,” but today’s special Earth Day version is our new favorite. Please, everyone continue to stay safe. 🙂


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