Month: April 2020

17 Apr 2020

Song of the Day

Glass Animals – Heart-Shaped Box

Hearing this new single this morning was such a treat! I can’t even remember the last time I listened to a song by Glass Animals, but I know it wasn’t recent. It was a soothing listen for what I needed in a Friday.

17 Apr 2020

Oreo’s Lastest Flavors: Peach Oolong and Sakura Matcha

Anybody else noticing their cookie intake just skyrocket during this time? I have always had an affection for sweets, but quarantine times have definitely made me more vulnerable. Oreo is launching two new flavors that I think are going to be major hits especially for the boba crowd. With a Japanese flair, Peach Oolong and Sakura Matcha are two flavors to expect this summer. The peach (pictured above) will have the peach colored filling in between your two standard Oreo cookies. However, the Sakura Matcha will have a green matcha filling sandwiched between two pink biscuit cookies. These flavors are available starting now in Hong Kong and will run until May 1st.


16 Apr 2020

The Gossip Girl Meme We Didn’t Know We Needed

These times are tough and in moments like these, I’m finding that I’m looking for opportunities to laugh anywhere. I don’t know where this Gossip Girl meme originated, but it’s the sort of dumb humor that I just love. Maybe it’s a controversial statement, but the CW series was iconic. This meme is a classic throwback that we need right now and if this makes you nostalgic for the series, you can binge it in its entirety on Netflix.

You can view the best collection of this here at the source below.


15 Apr 2020

In “Who Asked For This Reboot?” News

Call me shocked this morning when I watched this first look of the “Saved By the Bell” reboot. We must have just missed this news completely because I had no idea this was happening nor did I anticipate former cast members to return. Growing up, I never missed an episode of the series including the dreadful college years. They honestly should have just stopped after high school, but who didn’t want to see Kelly and Zack get married in Vegas? After watching this preview, what is everyone’s take? Mine is that it feels a bit stiff and forced. I don’t even know if it will air on a channel I’ll have so the chances of me watching are low.

13 Apr 2020

Blog Roundup

  • Everything You Need to Know About Making Your Own Face Mask [Vox]
  • The Big Mac was Named By A 21-Year-Old McDonald’s Secretary [Business Insider]
  • How Many Calories Does A Fever Burn? [MEL Magazine]
  • The Eight Types of People We Become on Zoom [The Ringer]
  • I Work From Home, But Still Get Dressed for the Office [Gear Patrol]
  • What’s in Vick’s VapoRub, and How Does It Make Me Stop Coughing? [Mel Magazine]
  • Instagram DM’s Can Now Be Accessed on Web Browsers [Hypebeast]
  • Google Maps Update is Shows Restaurants Open for Takeout and Delivery [Hypebae]
  • Ben Gibbard on His Daily Livestreams [Rolling Stone]
  • Burning Man Cancels 2020 Festival Due to Coronavirus [SF Gate]
  • Mark Bittman’s Master List of Interchangeable Ingredients [Heated]
  • A Brooklyn Restaurant’s Playlist [bon appetit]
  • Everyone Wants A Puzzle [Vox]
12 Apr 2020

Newborns in Thailand Are Given Little Face Shields

In the wake of COVID-19, Thailand is protecting its newborns with the cutest face shields we’ve ever seen! The baby visors don’t fully cover their faces, but we think this is pretty reasonable coverage. Being born in a hospital leaves these newborns vulnerable to the virus. With these visors, they’ll protect them from any droplets that may come from a sneeze or a cough.


12 Apr 2020

Is It Punk

Turtleneck – Aritzia / Belt – Mom’s / Skirt – Rag & Bone / Heels – Something Navy x Nordstrom

One of my favorite parts about writing these posts is that I can always go back and remember the story of the piece. There’s an adorable shopping area near me in Lower Pacific Heights – home to Reformation, Rag & Bone, Alice and Olivia, Frame – many stores that I would consider to be a bit high end and out of my price range. Though I can’t explain it, I recently discovered through looking into my own finances that I tend to be someone that feels joy through purchases. I wouldn’t consider this to be the most responsible habit, but the first step is admitting it.

On a recent trip, I stepped into Rag & Bone to peruse, but found myself going back to this red plaid skirt. Would I wear this beyond winter time? Will plaid still be in next season or even next year? I couldn’t get over the slit. The fabric was so soft and even though plaid isn’t something I own a lot of, I figured I could make this work. There was a part of me that day that wanted to tap into an edgier side; one might say my more scene-y teenage years.

For this experiment, I paired it with my favorite snug black turtleneck from Aritzia, my mother’s old belt and the white heels. If I were to re-do this outfit again (which I will after quarantine) I might want to swap out the heels for something else. Ultimately, we’re extremely happy we went with the skirt. It ended up being on a sale rack and discounted even further when we went to make the purchase. I call that “meant to be.”

12 Apr 2020

Song of the Day

Spice Girls – Who Do You Think You Are

As we were listening to Harley Viera-Newton and her husband Ross Schwartzman’s DJ set today via Instagram live, I was reminded of this former favorite song of mine. Here’s hoping that y’all will turn it on and have a mini dance party at home. This also reaffirms that the Spice Girls will forever be timeless.


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