07 May 2020

“Are You Bored?” Don’t Ask Me That.

Right before bed is often times when I have the most meaningful conversation of the day. With myself. It’s the time that I carve out, but that really gives me the space to ask what is consuming me in that moment. Last week, I found myself deeply offended by a question someone had asked me on social media. “Are you bored?” I had received that question earlier on from shelter-in-place and that was mostly for my living situation, but this time it hit differently. This person had asked me that based off the content that they had seen on my social accounts. And one week later, it was still bothering me.

I want to preface this by saying that I know sometimes it looks like I ask for it. I open myself to this kind of criticism and judgment because I’m sharing parts of my life with people when I don’t have to. However, asking that question implies that you know me at a certain level and most of you do not. At the end of the day, content is content, and that doesn’t mean you know anything about me or that you have further access into my life than I am giving you.

Last week, I mentioned how I was struggling with my own judgement of others and the way they appropriately view quarantine. Now it was time for me to be uncomfortable. Up until my own moment, I, myself wasn’t prepared to be judged. So I have a favor to ask. Everyone should get a pass during this time for their content. I recognize that my content now looks a lot differently than it did a year ago. These things are out of our control. Let’s also not ask each other “Are you bored?” – I find it to be rude. And I also have many many thoughts on boredom as a privilege and how adults shouldn’t be bored; only kids. I’ll save that for another post.

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