17 May 2020

Sunday Check In

It’s not often that we get these periods of time where we can focus entirely on Yow Yow! Getting alone time with the blog only happens when I’m in between jobs or the holidays. Since we’ve been in quarantine, I’ve written more than I would have, but not to the level that I was expecting for myself. To be honest, I thought that I would be a content machine on Yow Yow! and that hasn’t been the case. I’ve boiled this down to a couple of reasons. First, my content is being spread between here, Instagram and TikTok. Secondly, we’re in a pandemic and that just changes the entire game.

At the start of quarantine, I read many articles about how people should be spending their time. Long story short, it’s okay if you don’t pick up a skill, create a side hustle, or read a gazillion books during this time. Our focus isn’t all there. The content that we’d normally write has shifted a bit. Obviously it no longer makes sense for me to talk about shopping the same way we did before. Since I’m not going outside as much, we don’t have outfit posts. There was also the internal struggle I had with myself about how much non-covid-19 related content to post vs. covid-19 related.

We are however many weeks into this quarantine by now and while I haven’t figured it out entirely, there is something that I’m sure of. Yow Yow! gives me a voice on this platform like none other. The way I write here is different from any other platform that I use. It may have taken me 11 years to acknowledge that, but I am grateful to still have this. And as fulfilled as I am writing this blog, it is still not at that point that I would give up my career for it. Having these two sides of my life doesn’t come without complexities. Many bloggers I follow have had to make that decision for themselves in the past. Creating content on a daily basis isn’t as easy as it looks!

The answer to what you build next in life isn’t always the gift of time. Instead, forgive yourself if you choose to do nothing with this time you’ve been given. This pause is a great opportunity to take care of yourself, relax, and get the sleep you’ve been wanting to catch up on.

Posted on May 17, in Life

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