23 May 2020

Saturday Check In: Long Weekend Edition

Even though it feels like we’ve been experiencing summer for a couple weeks now, this is usually the weekend to solidify it. As a treat, I was able to also take off Friday giving myself a four-day weekend that I didn’t realize I also needed. With all of us still in shelter-in-place (some practicing, some not) the delight of a long weekend doesn’t hit the same as it once did. It’s hard to feel like we are entering summer when we essentially have something already that resembles a summer break.

Despite that, I’m noticing that time is just flying by, but also that it’s hard to tell the differences between a weekday and a weekend. Normally during Memorial Day Weekend, we’d be headed out on a day trip or even taking a trip. A year ago, I was in Denver with my girlfriends and this year we’re just going to have to get creative. In an article that I read about time in quarantine, a sentence stood out to me.

“People lose track of time when the future is in question,” – Refinery29

Without anything to look forward to whether it is plans or trips, I’m noticing that it’s easier for me to get my days and weeks all mixed up. Those moments in my calendar year were what helped me to identify my seasons and the time of year. Currently, all of that is lost. However you choose to spend your Memorial Day Weekend, I hope you’re taking care of yourself, practicing social distancing, and hanging in there!

Here are two pieces that I read related to me writing this post:

  • The Trouble with Quarantine Fridays [Digg]
  • Time Is Slipping Away From Us All [Refinery29]

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