26 May 2020

If We Could Bake…

We still would not be producing pies that even match a 1/4 of what these pieces of work are. In quarantine, my friends fall into two categories. Everyone is spending much more time in the kitchen and while half are cooking meals for themselves, the other half lean more into the baking. I keep hearing the same thing. Bakers are more skilled. Everything they make has a greater level of detail and precision. With cooking, you can kind of throw things together with it still working. The same cannot be said for bread, pastries, and all of the above. That statement continues to ring true as we dig into the work of Karin Pfeiff-Boschek’s pies.

I’m stunned as I view photos of these pies because they are truly pieces of art. I would feel intimidated just having a slice; I’m not even sure if I could! Each one of her pies is topped with some kind of intricate design whether it’s done with fruit or more dough. To view more of what she’s been creating during quarantine, visit her [Instagram]


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