07 Jun 2020

Sunday Check In

Every weekend, I have this same routine of catching up on blog readings from the entire week. If I can swing this on a daily basis, I’ll consider it lucky. Despite the busy work schedule from the week, I didn’t mind that I’d be saving all the content for just two days. It meant that I could carve out space for it and be present. I was proud that the subset of blogs I try to read regularly had a strong emphasis on Black Lives Matter. These are blogs I have read for years. It showed me where their focus was and quite frankly, if you think about the last two weeks, it’s challenging to think about anything else other than this.

I wanted a chance to share with you these blogs. Whether you’re looking for content in a different way than you’re used to or other resources to lean on, I feel like there’s something here for everyone. I also find it refreshing to step away from social media and read some pieces that take some more time to digest.

Posted on June 7, in Life

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