11 Jun 2020

Winding Down Sunday Words

Last week’s “Sunday Words” post will be our last on Yow Yow! It is likely one of the longest running series we have had on the blog and undoubtedly, there is some sadness in letting it go. Often times, very cheesy inspirational quotes are my guilty pleasure. They live in the homes of basic women who have these etched on fake wood. You can buy these at Target I think. And if you’re like me, maybe you have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to them. As much as I tear it down, there is a tender place in my heart for these.

Sometimes we hold onto these series for longer than we should. In this case, I’ve not only grown out of these posts, but I’ve also grown up, myself. This past week, social media has flooded my feeds with quotes and phrases to live by. It prompted me to ask a bigger question which was how do these quotes and phrases get turned into action? Who do they help? And who are they for? In short, they don’t do anything. And as rapidly as they were reposted and shared across channels in the last couple of weeks, I was doing the same thing here every Sunday for years.

I called Veronica tonight personally to share with her the news and a much more elaborate explanation. Sunday Words has been our favorite for a long time, but it is taking up the space of posts that I believe could be more thoughtful.

Posted on June 11, in Life

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