20 Jun 2020

Alo Yoga’s Summer Collection

Before I got into CorePower, I was doing everything I could to avoid buying active wear. My rationale was this: why do I need pieces that can only be used for one activity? Instead, I tried to go to classes wearing pieces that I already owned that I assumed would work. A pair of leggings and an old loose fitting tank top got the job done, but I didn’t feel comfortable. Because the tank top was so loose, I found that it often got in the way. In a downward dog, the tank top was flailing. Soon after this, I conformed and now here I am getting excited about the release of a new collection by [Alo Yoga] When it came time to buy my first active wear pieces, they were the ones I turned to.

Their summer collection, dropped in celebration of International Yoga Day, is full of summer and earthy tones that bring warmth. As you can see above, it’s a spectrum of yellows, olives, and bronze hues. You can shop the collection now!


Posted on June 20, in Style

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