23 Jun 2020

Netflix’s “Over the Moon”

I will never get over having those warm and fuzzies from watching a show or a film with an Asian lead. Animated or not, adult me is excited regardless for a younger generation that can grow up seeing leads that look like themselves. Pixar is the reigning champ in producing pieces that tug at our heart strings, but who is to say that Netflix can’t do the same? In their new film out this fall, “Over the Moon” tells the story of a young girl who loses her mother and recalls her mother’s favorite Chinese mythology tale. Yes, we’re ripping this bandaid off already.

The tale tells the story of a moon goddess and years later, Fei Fei (the main character) is out to prove that she exists. Fei Fei, herself, is in STEM and builds a rocket that will launch her all the way to the moon. I grew up being a little bit of a space nut myself, so this film is right up my alley. We can’t wait to see this debut!



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