14 Jul 2020

Remembering Naya Rivera

If you scroll back through the archives of Yow Yow! then you would know that we loved watching Glee. I still remember being one of the few people in my friend group that was watching the pilot when it first aired and how I felt a little dorky watching it, but loved it all the same. It was the kind of show that you would watch because you couldn’t wait to see what songs they’d cover next. It wasn’t a perfect series, though. In recent weeks, we’ve seen coverage of problematic storylines coming up as well as how actors and actresses behaved towards each other. All of that doesn’t matter this week though. The series has lost their third regular from the show in a tragic accidental drowning. Naya Rivera was iconic in her role as Santana Lopez – a woman of color and a lesbian. Characters like her on television were few and far between, but she was far more than these labels. She was extremely talented as a singer, performer and of course, a mother. Here are a few of my favorite Santana performances from the series.

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