15 Jul 2020

Blog Roundup

  • How a 4th of July Meal Exposes the Coronavirus Risk for Thousands of US Food Workers [Buzzfeed]
  • How To Be Alone [Vox]
  • We Shadowed A Restaurant Server for a Full Shift [SFGate]
  • We’re Going to Run Out of TV [The Ringer]
  • What Will College Be Like in the Fall? [The Cut]
  • Does Being Underwater Stop Your Period? [Refinery29]
  • Does Wearing a Mask Make You Look Hot? [GQ]
  • What If Working From Home Goes On…Forever? [New York Times]
  • No One Knows How to Throw a Pandemic Wedding [The Cut]
  • Why Time Feels So Weird in 2020 [Reuters Graphics]
  • Why The Internet Is Blowing Up About LA’s Most Infamous Jam Maker [Eater]
  • We Need to Talk About Digital Blackface in Reaction GIFs [Teen Vogue]
  • Simone Biles Cover Story [Vogue]
  • Have You and Your Friends Had the COVID Talk? [The Cut]
  • Who Does Boba Guys ‘Bridge Cultures For?’ [SF Weekly]
  • Nobody Made Reading Look As Cool As Shaq Did [Mel Magazine]
  • What Movies Present As Normal, But It Actually Isn’t [Bored Panda]

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