19 Jul 2020

Sunday Check In

We were the ultimate couch potato this weekend and strangely enough, it was the first time in a long time. This was the first weekend where we stayed mostly off social – limited blog writing, story creating, and not trying to cram in as many TikToks. Instead, I felt pretty weightless. There’s not much that we can do in this climate, but on most weekends, I feel the need to overcompensate. On Saturday, I slept in, had breakfast and then promptly took a nap right after. That’s not a normal weekend day for us.

Since I’m an avid to-do-list maker, I tried to make up for that lapse in a Saturday by tackling as much as I could. Today, I was supposed to drop off two donation bags to Goodwill only to find out when I arrived that they don’t accept on Sundays. Nothing was falling into place, but at the same time I couldn’t be upset about it. The bright side was that I got to take a drive for a little bit, clear my head, and get some fresh air.

I’ve tried to avoid working on Sundays, but since I received extra time back from social, I got a head start on the week. Much of what I achieved this weekend feels out of order, but I’m ending it feeling like it wasn’t for nothing. Whether it was clearing my head space or getting ahead of the work week, time wasn’t wasted. It’s another thing off the list. As much as possible, I’m trying to find these little joys that I can appreciate at the moment. They range from having a soju cocktail in the evening to watching mindless series like Zac Efron’s latest travel sustainability show on Netflix.

Posted on July 19, in Life

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