20 Jul 2020

OffLimits Cereal

These aren’t like any other cereal boxes I’ve ever seen. I initially thought they were being used as props for another article piece, but they are the real deal. OffLimits is a new brand of cereal with flavors that you may have never imagined could be a part of your breakfast routine. If the packaging wasn’t enough to suck you in, the ingredients might. Arriving in just two flavors, Dash is made with Intelligentsia coffee and cacao. Zombie, on the other hand, is vanilla, pandan, and ashwagandha. Dash and Zombie may be interesting names for cereal, but they also happen to be the names of the respective characters on their box. Fun fact: Dash also happens to be the first female cereal character in existence.

For more on how this brand came to be, you can read this interview with the creator Emily Miller [here].

Posted on July 20, in Design

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