20 Jul 2020

Zen Work Pods

While we’ve been in quarantine, I’ve been fortunate to not have to share both my work and living space with someone else. It makes video meetings and calls externally a breeze. However, I know friends of mine who can’t say the same. They struggle with noises that they can’t control and roommates that feel like they’re all on top of each other. [Autonomous] has created these new functional and very minimalistic zen work pods that are quite pleasing to the eye, but come at a steep price. These mobile work spaces give you the privacy you need and come with some basic office furniture like a desk and chair. The only caveat though is that you actually need to have the space for it and for those in the city, that might be hard to come by.

From the website, it looks like there are three different options with prices starting at $5,400.


Posted on July 20, in Design

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