21 Jul 2020

Bright Comet NEOWISE Shot Above Mount Hood

Lester Tsai

I never grew up spending a lot of time outdoors, but these are the types of shots I aspire for. I recognize not everyone gets to capture a comet in action like [Lester Tsai], but even being under the stars or catching the sunrise would be enough for me. In these incredible shots, we see Comet NEOWISE in action! Portland-based photographer Lester Tsai traveled to Oregon to capture the comet from the highest mountain at Mount Hood in this incredible set. Since the beginning of July, Comet NEOWISE has been visible to those located in the northern hemisphere. It happens to be one of the brightest comets from this decade, but we won’t see it appearing for another 6,800 years after this.

Lester Tsai


Posted on July 21, in Design

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