27 Jul 2020

A Goodbye to Wedding Mondays

When I first started Yow Yow! I didn’t want to hone in on one specific theme. I wanted to keep things broad so that I could always continue to write about whatever I wanted. This is something I still want today, but the things that I want to write about are shifting. Earlier this year, we said goodbye to “Sunday Words” our weekly dose of inspirational quotes. And now it’s time to say goodbye to “Wedding Mondays.” Both of these series have been with Yow Yow! since at least 2012 so while it isn’t easy to wind down, it does feel right.

I think it’s perfectly normal to want different things for your blog within an 11-year time span. I’ve done a lot of growing up during this time. It doesn’t mean that I don’t like weddings or that I will stop appreciating the details of a beautiful wedding or discontinue watching wedding videos. I’m grateful that the series has lasted as long as it did, but something that I’m realizing in 2020 is that I don’t want my content to feel like an obligation. Having a regular series is a huge undertaking. Keeping this blog afloat while having a day job at the same time has never been easy for us. Winding down this series means that we can bring the focus back to content that has become more important to me.

I want to sincerely thank those of you who came to Yow Yow! every week for this feature. We’ve seen some incredible weddings over the years and shared videos that were truly pieces of art and a trigger for tears. I had the chance to share the weddings of friends (always with their permission) and spin off the Wedding Wednesdays series with Mandi covering her entire wedding planning process. And lastly, having the chance to experience the Nordstrom Wedding Suite and capturing all of the details from the Seattle flagship will always be a special memory.

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