Month: August 2020

31 Aug 2020

2020 MTV Video Music Awards

Initially, we were going to use this post to share our favorite performances. We thought there would be more than two, but we landed on just BTS and Chloe x Halle. In all honesty, this year’s award show is weird. The whole year has been weird, but because everything was done mostly remote, it’s hard to keep consistency. Even as much as I love BTS and their new song “Dynamite,” I hated that everything was done a green screen. It made the performance look cheap despite how well they did on vocals and dancing. They deserved so much more! They still took home four awards and to have a performance like this on a more mainstream network is a huge win for army.

Chloe x Halle were part of the pre-show and should have been promoted to the real award show. This was a missed opportunity because their vocals were amazing as usual. Their performance could have easily been swapped with someone that they had on the lineup.

31 Aug 2020

A Wedding Monday

Quyn Duong/Diligent Artists

We knew it wouldn’t be very long until we made a return to Wedding Mondays. I’ve always loved the series, but felt that if I couldn’t deliver on a weekly basis that it may not be worth having anymore. While we started out sharing wedding videos with the blog, I’ve found that the actual coverage and stories are what I’m being drawn to these days. Both Vogue and The Cut do an incredible job of this by the way.

Both Heesun and Brian threw a celebration that was intimately beautiful. And even though we’re far off from this ourselves, it’s the kind of wedding that my style now gravitates towards. Held at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn, the wedding was as elegant as can be, but in the most understated way. Favorite aspects of this story? That the couple prioritized food and even had a special nod to their Korean heritage and the fact that their DJ played K-Pop. What a dream!

For the full coverage, you can read it all on [The Cut]

30 Aug 2020

A Case of the Zoom Fatigue

One of the more interesting parts of the pandemic is being able to observe how I’ve changed during this time. For example, it’s very easy for me to decide what I like and don’t like faster than ever before. I came to quickly dislike the act of doing too many video calls, better known as Zoom fatigue. The overwhelming feeling of dread from this action was so common they gave it a name. Over the span of six months, that feeling has digressed, but I’m left wondering why I had this negativity towards it. After all, the act itself was positive and I’m never left with regret having done a video call with someone in my life.

I found myself having between 4-6 on a given week and this was just outside of work. Every other week, my friends and I would have a call involving 8 of us. There was always something to share, but not much in our lives were changing enough to update each other this frequently. Eight individuals comes with about five different internet connections. By accident, we would talk over each other or mishear what someone said. When this occurs, I shut down. It’s too taxing for me to try and talk louder to get my point across. We did explore SIP trunking to improve the connection, which would have worked if we’d got round to it. If you have similar connection issues you can read article here to discover more about SIP trunking. After two hours of buffering and robot voice, we moved to a drawing game that I find myself enjoying because it’s less talking more doing. Because we’re friends, no one wanted to suggest we stop. Back then, it was harder to get out of it because we were all available. I knew I wasn’t alone with my feelings when one friend asked, “can we just skip the foreplay and go straight to the game?”

So where does this dread come from? For me, it’s a few avenues. Most of my days are spent on video with my team that by the time I’m doing it for personal, my mind is exhausted. When you’re online, you don’t have the ability to pick up on cues that you would if you were in person. Though we can’t always tell, your mind is working so much harder to gauge and calibrate what’s going on in video. In an in-person environment, these barriers exist less.

By the way, I love my friends dearly and it’s not so much about the people vs. how I was feeling. I also want to acknowledge that these video hangouts are what have helped others cope during this time. This is in no way a dig at those individuals. We all have to do what is best for us. I waited a bit to write this post because I wanted to see if my feelings would change. They haven’t, really. However, on the occasion I prefer 1:1 video hangouts or even with two-three other individuals at most. Thirty people answered a poll I had about how many video hangouts they did a week and the average was 3-6 zooms. These were all front loaded at the beginning of the pandemic likely because no one really knew how long this would last. Everyone was so scared that you felt like you had to talk to everyone because no one knew when you would see people again. I did an extremely large video hangout with all of my cousins at the beginning and then never again.

30 Aug 2020

Los Angeles Bachelorette

I love any excuse I can get to take a trip to LA. Before pandemic and before Thailand, we were in Los Angeles just a few weekends before celebrating Elynn’s bachelorette. Talk about good timing because who could have predicted what would happen next?

I was most looking forward to this bachelorette party because Elynn is one of my favorite friends to eat with. She has high-quality taste and she’s always one of the first people to introduce me to a new restaurant and my go-to for boba recommendations in any Bay Area city. We do our fair share of trying some of the bougie stuff around the Bay Area, but we can also be very simple. Both of grew up having home cooked meals with our families so we’re comfortable with the staples. Every meal would consist of a carb (rice or noodles) vegetables and meat. Some of my favorite meals out with her have been to these type of home-y places that are comforting for us.

It was so fun to celebrate with Elynn because it was entirely made of all of her favorite things – boba, delicious food, games, and karaoke.

29 Aug 2020

A Collection Part 58

What are some little things that you do for yourself that bring you peace and calm? I think one of the reasons we’ve kept “A Collection” going for so long is because of how it makes me feel. I could look at pictures like these on an endless loop and never get tired of it. I’ve often wondered too, when creating these posts, what makes me decide that I’m done? Is it because I think 50-ish photos is enough for people to be enticed by it, but leave them wanting more? Maybe it’s because any more and I will feel sorry for it eating up the loading time for a visitor. There’s no rhyme or reason and each time we post it’s different. It is one of the series regulars that has no consistency or format. That could either really bother someone a lot or not, I don’t know.

Whatever the case, I hope it brings you some light into your life this weekend the way it did mine. Everyone please wear a mask, stay safe, be kind to each other, and check in with someone you haven’t spoken with in some time.

Read more “A Collection Part 58”
29 Aug 2020

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29 Aug 2020

Song of the Day

Jordan Rakei – Borderline

I just want to give you something easy to listen to today. Whether you’re relaxing, reading, writing, or lounging at home without any agenda, let this song bring you some calm. I’m spending a bit of the afternoon today writing indoors away from the smoke and Jordan’s voice is the most soothing remedy.

29 Aug 2020

A Love Letter to Our Neighborhood

In recent weeks, it hasn’t been easy to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Remember when our biggest concern at the start of all this was how we were going to get through the pandemic? Since then, we have had to deal with the politics of wearing a mask, Black Lives Matter, California’s fires, and the upcoming election. It’s frustrating for me to see now how many of these things could be avoided, but sometimes we, as people, are the problem. I could, and I have, gone down this rabbit hole of being in a constant state of frustration.

Today though, I want to share some scenes from the constant in my life that bring me a little bit of joy. This period of time isn’t easy for anyone. I may smile, laugh and dance through a lot of it, but I also struggle through my feelings alone. My neighborhood has begun to open over time and on the rare occasion that I go out, I always try to check in with our small businesses. After all, when this is all over, I want them to still be here. With the ongoing and the pandemic, I know going out only depends on one’s comfort level so do what feels right, but support when you can.

Nothing is stopping me from being able to take these urban walks now, but it took a state of pandemic to truly appreciate what I had so close to me.

29 Aug 2020

RIP Chadwick Boseman

I love this clip of Chadwick Boseman appearing on Jimmy Fallon and surprising his fans as they speak into the camera about what “Black Panther” meant to them. It is an accurate representation of who he is, his kindness, and his selfless soul. Yesterday was another reminder that people are dealing with their own challenges and they don’t always feel the need to share it. We often immediately point this to mental health or disorders, but this can also mean general health, diseases, cancer. For four years after his diagnosis, Chadwick continued to appear in films and show up for appearances even though his body was failing him. He never stopped working.

I was disheartened when he appeared on camera recently for a live where he was immediately met with criticism about his body weight. People questioned why he was so thin and honestly, this should not be where our minds go to when these things happen. I hope that this was a wake up call for people to not judge others or to speak too quickly. Chadwick did so much for this world through his talents and his legacy will live on for many many years.

28 Aug 2020

BLACKPINK – Ice Cream ft. Selena Gomez

After falling in love with BLACKPINK’s “How You Like That,” I had high expectations for Ice Cream. I was curious about how their collaboration with Selena Gomez would look like and from the teasers, I could tell the visuals would be amazing. In a way, it was what I expected, but not what I expected. It rivaled BTS’ “Dynamite” in that it’s a late summer bop and had a similar color scheme. Obviously BLACKPINK had a little bit more pink in it. But I didn’t find myself singing along to the song like I did with How You Like That. I also didn’t feel the need to watch the video more than once unlike how I watched “Dynamite” 10x in a row for no reason at all.

I haven’t looked into any reviews of the single just yet and I also could be very wrong about my perception of the song. Whatever the case, I thought we should share and you all can make your own minds up about it. I’m just disappointed because it definitely feels more like a Selena track than BLACKPINK and it’s supposed to be the other way around.


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