23 Aug 2020

Mehry Mu’s Standout Handbags

With the pandemic ongoing, buying news bags is likely the last thing on my shopping list. After all, I’m not spending a significant amount of time out. I’m also not putting together elaborate outfits like I may have been used to. On the occasional outing, I often find myself bringing whatever I can carry in my hands. Sometimes it’s just a wallet or sometimes it is reduced to one card. However, that doesn’t stop us from appreciating the items we long for. In my life, I have always purchased staple bags. I needed things that were functional – a larger, sleek bag for work, one for every day, and one for going out. One glance at [Mehry Mu’s] bags though have made me wonder if I’ve been doing this wrong the entire time.

[Luna Box] – $496 – $249

[Agatha Wristlet Bag] – $363


Posted on August 23, in Style

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