29 Aug 2020

Blog Roundup

  • Meghan Markle Was Set Up To Fail [The Cut]
  • Instagram Reels Can’t Beat TikTok. Here Are 8 Reasons Why [Medium]
  • What Will Being An Influencer Mean in 2021 And Beyond? [Nylon]
  • Wirecutter’s Worst Things For Most People [NY Times]
  • Un-Adopted – YouTubers Myka and James Stauffer Share Every Step of Their Parenting Journey. Except the Last. [The Cut]
  • 23 TV Moments That Were So Bad, People Had To Stop Watching [BuzzFeed]
  • Who Gets To Be ‘Hapa?’ [NPR]
  • Tracking Coronavirus Cases At U.S. Colleges and Universities [NY Times]
  • Now Is a Great Time to Go Back to an Old iPod [GQ]
  • How to Vote By Mail During the 2020 Election [Vogue]

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