29 Aug 2020

RIP Chadwick Boseman

I love this clip of Chadwick Boseman appearing on Jimmy Fallon and surprising his fans as they speak into the camera about what “Black Panther” meant to them. It is an accurate representation of who he is, his kindness, and his selfless soul. Yesterday was another reminder that people are dealing with their own challenges and they don’t always feel the need to share it. We often immediately point this to mental health or disorders, but this can also mean general health, diseases, cancer. For four years after his diagnosis, Chadwick continued to appear in films and show up for appearances even though his body was failing him. He never stopped working.

I was disheartened when he appeared on camera recently for a live where he was immediately met with criticism about his body weight. People questioned why he was so thin and honestly, this should not be where our minds go to when these things happen. I hope that this was a wake up call for people to not judge others or to speak too quickly. Chadwick did so much for this world through his talents and his legacy will live on for many many years.

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