Month: September 2020

24 Sep 2020

BTS: NPR’s Tiny Desk

I’ve been itching to share this since it came out, but just haven’t had the time. My comments still stand: BTS is amazing when it comes to promoting their new music. Everything that has transpired since the release of “Dynamite” is above and beyond anything I could have ever imagined. The range and diversity in the type of content they release as well as how every single performance is different from each other is what makes this promotion so exciting.

I must have watched this Tiny Desk performance over 10 times now. While I haven’t missed a “Dynamite” performance yet, this one hits a bit different. Look at how much fun they’re having as a group together! See how much their vocals are able to shine when they have a live band behind them in this intimate environment? While their performances are incredible, this one brings their vocals to the forefront.

20 Sep 2020

BTS – Dynamite (70’s Remix) MV

The content is never ending with these guys and we definitely don’t hate it! In their new 70’s remix, their music video appears with pop up bubbles that highlight facts behind the song and messages from each member. It’s a fun and cute way to continue on the momentum they have with this single and to give fans more content from them.

19 Sep 2020

What Long Voting Lines In The US Really Mean

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I am feeling particularly anxious about the upcoming election season. Since I had heard about what was happening with the US Postal Service, my stomach has been in knots. And now hearing the passing of Ruth Badger Ginsburg, I’m not feeling as confident about the upcoming election as I once was. In California, I never had to think too much about my vote or the act of voting. We are primarily a Democratic state and I have voted both in person and by drop off with ease. This video by Vox helped me to understand that many other individuals in our country won’t be so lucky. They haven’t in the past and this upcoming election will be yet another barrier for them as the administration tries to throw challenges in their way to make people give up.

It’s frustrating that even in 2020 with a process that has been around for many many years, we cannot find a way to be fair. I hope this coming Election Day, you are registered to vote. That you will vote for Biden and Kamala even if they were not your first pick because of the options presented, they are the best choice. Someone close to me said that people might be better off not voting this year because voting for either of these candidates is just choosing the lesser of two evils. ??? Don’t let people in your life who says things like this get away with it. Statements like that don’t make any sense and it’s so shocking to hear something like that, but such is reality currently. There are people in our country who truly believe this so be better.

19 Sep 2020

A Fresh Rental

Airbnb is pulling out all the stops on pop culture reference rentals lately! First, it was securing the last Blockbusters in the country and now, you can rent the home from Fresh Prince. They were the family that won over our hearts with their quick wit, but will their home live up to everything we’ve seen? We’ve seen the “inside” of the home plenty, which was likely just a set, but I’m so curious as to what the interiors of this will actually look like. To commemorate the sitcom’s 30th anniversary, you can spend just $30 a night to stay over the Bel Air mansion.

The stay will include access to Will’s bedroom (minus Will, of course), a full bathroom, pool and outdoor lounge, and the dining room. All meals will be served on silver platters (no kitchen access due to COVID-19). Major perks also include a pair of Air Jordan sneakers for each guest, the loan of fancy outfits during the stay, and access to DJ Jazzy Jeff’s turntables. In what’s easily the best perk, Will and Jazzy Jeff will include guests in Smith’s Instagram Sunday via celebrity selfie with the pair.

Bookings for the home will begin September 29th for reservations to take place on October 2, 5, 8, 11, and 14. Only L.A. County residents who can prove a current living situation in the same household are eligible.


19 Sep 2020

Song of the Day

Smino, Monte Booker, The Drums – Backstage Pass

We’re taking a little break from the K-pop and picking something completely different! This reminds me a lot of some of the music I used to listen to a few years back. I’m getting Gorillaz vibes, but love the intersection between alternative and hip hop here.

19 Sep 2020

This Weekend:

It has become the norm that I find myself doing an endless list of chores and errands on the weekends now. What is it even like to be outdoors for a long period of time and be social? I don’t know anymore! Luckily for us, there are a few things to keep us busy. I’ve found a way to have things to look forward to even in this pandemic election time mess.

What We’re Watching: PEN15 Season 2

A new season of PEN15 has arrived on Hulu! Never have I ever felt so uncomfortable and awkward watching a series, but have also found such joy. PEN15 is so cringe because it reminds us of the strange pre-teen/teenage years we all thought we left behind. Having it resurface is a bit of a trigger, but the two leads (and writers!) of the show, Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle do a phenomenal job of depicting this. It has been some time in between seasons so I’m hoping I can savor it as opposed to watching it all in one weekend.

What We’re Listening To: Dynamite (NightTime version) by BTS

We’re now listening to “Dynamite” on a daily basis, but because they’ve remixed this single so many times, I can listen to about eight different versions of it. Every day could be a different remix. I’ve never heard of a nighttime remix before, but the versions on this (there are 5!) are much more laid back and chill than the original versions or even the daytime remix. Pick the one that reflects your mood!

What We’re Wearing: [Zella Girl Supersoft Side Tie Hoodie] – $39

I bought this from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale on discount and even though I’ve had this for a month, it’s the first time I’m wearing it today! We’re not spending much time out today, but it’s the perfect cozy piece for home, lounging around, or over your activewear. Even if times were normal, I would wear this out to a brunch or daily errands.

What We’re Eating: Dim Sum

One of my favorite weekend traditions growing up was going out for dim sum with my family. With everything going on, I can’t remember having it since even before the pandemic. Luckily, we’re picking up all of my favorites today to go. It may not be exactly the same experience, but we’ll take it! Here’s hoping that everything returns to normal soon so that we can continue moving forward with all of the things we want to do in a safe and healthy way.


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