11 Sep 2020

We Have to Talk About This Toast

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STAYHOMEのあさごはん🍞 今回は、ブルーベリーと練りごまのスイーツトースト。酸味と甘味がバランスよくて、最後まで美味しく食べられます☺️ これまで作ってきたトーストで1番難易度が低い(のに美味しい&かわいい)💐ぜひ、余裕のある朝に試してみてください😇このトーストでメイキング動画作ろうかな。 This time it's blueberries and kneaded sesame seeds on sweet toast.The sourness and sweetness are well-balanced, and it's delicious all the way through. This is the least challenging (yet delicious & cute) toast I've ever made 💐 please try it in the mornings when you can afford it 😇

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One of the best parts about quarantine is being able to see everyone else’s creative projects. When we aren’t hopping from one social activity to another after work or on the weekends, where do we spend our time? What things can we build when we give ourselves the space for it? If you’re like me, you’ll turn to TikTok. However, some are getting further into the details. Japanese artist, Manami Sasaki, is creating beautifully designed toasts. You thought your local avocado toast was good; this is next level. With inspiration from artists like Picasso to characters like Mickey Mouse, Sasaki lets her imagination fly.

Each piece of toast will take about three hours to create. Like the artist that she is, everything is laid out to a tee. First comes the concept before she skips off to the market for the actual ingredients. For an entire gallery of everything she’s created during this time, visit her [Instagram].

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STAYHOMEのあさごはん🍞 今回は、田中一光(3回目)です!🇯🇵 ggg(ギンザ・グラフィック・ギャラリー)で何度も展示されている田中一光さんのポスター作品。展示のgggのロゴをデザインしたのも田中一光さんご本人なので、隅に入れました☺️ 有名どころだと、Loft、SAISON、無印良品のロゴも田中一光さんのデザイン。ロゴのサイズが小さくても大きくても、かっこよく収まる、ロゴの強度が素晴らしい👏 具材は立体的に盛り付けました😇(写真3枚目参照) ヤングコーンが好きなので、今後も積極的に使っていきたい! —— Today I'm paying homage to a poster by Japanese designer IKKO TANAKA.🇯🇵👘 Actually, this is the third time I've paid homage to him. 😇 Check out the previous posts if you like. Today, I tried to make the ingredients look quite three-dimensional, look at the third picture.👉

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