19 Sep 2020

What Long Voting Lines In The US Really Mean

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I am feeling particularly anxious about the upcoming election season. Since I had heard about what was happening with the US Postal Service, my stomach has been in knots. And now hearing the passing of Ruth Badger Ginsburg, I’m not feeling as confident about the upcoming election as I once was. In California, I never had to think too much about my vote or the act of voting. We are primarily a Democratic state and I have voted both in person and by drop off with ease. This video by Vox helped me to understand that many other individuals in our country won’t be so lucky. They haven’t in the past and this upcoming election will be yet another barrier for them as the administration tries to throw challenges in their way to make people give up.

It’s frustrating that even in 2020 with a process that has been around for many many years, we cannot find a way to be fair. I hope this coming Election Day, you are registered to vote. That you will vote for Biden and Kamala even if they were not your first pick because of the options presented, they are the best choice. Someone close to me said that people might be better off not voting this year because voting for either of these candidates is just choosing the lesser of two evils. ??? Don’t let people in your life who says things like this get away with it. Statements like that don’t make any sense and it’s so shocking to hear something like that, but such is reality currently. There are people in our country who truly believe this so be better.

Posted on September 19, in Life

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