Month: October 2020

25 Oct 2020

Review: BTS Map of the Soul ON:E Virtual Concert

Virtual concerts don’t have the same appeal in pandemic times, but BTS came here to raise this bar. I’ve been into BTS since “Dynamite” was released at the end of the summer, but this wasn’t our first intro to them. We’ve liked singles here and there, mainly “On,” but “Dynamite” sent me into a tailspin of their discography and years worth of content. On a whim, I decided that I actually wanted to pay for a ticket to their virtual concert. It cost $44, required me to download two apps and sign up for three accounts and watch the show that started at midnight, but it was all worth it.

Even for being virtual, the band members didn’t skimp on production value, outfits, or the performance itself. Everything I saw in that moment was what would have been their actual Map of the Soul ON:E tour had they had a chance to tour like they intended. I may have considered myself ARMY before this weekend event, but I was even more excited about them after. This surpassed every expectation I had and I now know I’ll be shelling a chunk of money for them live someday.

For $44 and 2.5 hours of concert material, it was a great deal. The guys performed some of their recent hits from their latest album and even tossed in some throwback favorites. Dance breaks, songs done by each of them individually and visual breaks in between performances blew my mind. Never have I ever loved visual interludes as much as these ones! The next few days of post-concert depression (as my coworker, a bigger fan, describes it) were spent reliving the experience. I was in a rabbit hole watching videos of the performances and clips on Instagram and Twitter. Here are a few that I’ve managed to find that haven’t been taken down!

And Reality…

While it was a weekend of highs for me as a fan, there is one low point. The guys had every intention to take this tour around the world, to perform this entire thing to fans everywhere. Instead, they only got two days of what should have been many more. Now, with their next album “BE” coming out in November, Map of the Soul seems like a blip and didn’t get the full attention it deserved.

24 Oct 2020

Blog Roundup

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24 Oct 2020

Weekend Thoughts: A COVID Test

Scheduling my flu shot this week reminded me that we have gone through two seasons of a pandemic. Every weekend that goes by, I am still left questioning how we even got here. I remember coming home from Thailand back in March and thinking that I would have been back at my office in June. Instead, there may not even be an office to come back to. Getting my flu shot made me think of something that people have also been doing routinely – getting the COVID test. After 7 months, I still haven’t gotten one. It’s not that everyone is required to get one. My take is that if you feel like you are exhibiting symptoms or for whatever reason are planning to see a group of people then you should absolutely take one. For myself, that hasn’t been the case for me yet.

I did a poll on Instagram and nearly 60% of people said they have taken the test while 30% have not. I think I expected those number to be reversed and when the results came, I wondered if I was doing something wrong! With the election around the corner and cases continuing to rise, there’s a lot to be anxious about. Whatever the case, I hope the election is in our favor so that we can take the steps we need to on getting a handle of the virus. Please stay safe, stay healthy and remember to vote!

24 Oct 2020

This Weekend:

What We’re Watching: Over the Moon (Netflix)

We first wrote about “Over the Moon” back in June when we heard this film was coming out. An animation with a Chinese lead and an all Asian cast? What’s not to be excited about? I thought I had an idea of what the synopsis was going to be about, but was pleasantly surprised watching it myself yesterday. It surpassed my expectations and was much more enjoyable than I thought. We may have shed more than a few tears, which we also didn’t expect! I hope you all spend some time watching this this weekend and enjoy all the beautiful visuals and songs.

What We’re Listening To: MAMAMOO – Dingga

Even though it’s a pop song, it has a very laid back dance to it. The dance to it is also pretty cute and we’re debating whether or not we should learn it!

What We’re Wearing: [Zella High Waist Studio Pocket 7/8 Leggings] – $65

I like these leggings so much that I wish I had bought more than just one pair! The level of comfort and flexibility in these is unmeasurable in comparison to my other leggings. I especially love the small pocket holes which make it ideal for runners. Though I am not one, I am hopeful that one day I’ll have a use for the small pockets!

What We’re Eating: Whole Cakes Pastries

One of my favorite treats to myself is running to Whole Cakes – an Asian owned bakery in the city and picking up a handful of things for the weekend. The pandemic has really ignited my love for sweets and comfort foods. And honestly, who can choose between a slice of cake, assorted scones and cookies? Why not have them all?

22 Oct 2020

Allbirds Expands to Apparel

In San Francisco, Allbirds are considered a part of a local’s tech uniform. Nearly everyone owns a pair and swears by them. I may not own a pair myself, but I promise you, I’ve never heard a bad thing about them. Known for their comfortable and sustainable sneakers, the brand is ready to take things to another level. And what goes well sneakers better than a set of clothing to go along with it?

This past Tuesday, the brand announced Allbirds Apparel with a collection that includes a tee, two wool sweaters, and a puffer jacket. It may seem small and limited at first, but they have to feel out the environment after all! If all goes well, we can expect that there will be more.


21 Oct 2020

Sephora x Instacart

With the ongoing pandemic still happening, I’m not inclined to find myself wanting to leave the house. Most of the necessities we need can be delivered straight to our homes from groceries, prescriptions, anything that can be found on Amazon, so why not beauty products? While I was getting ready for work the other day, I found my Stila waterproof eyeliner starting to dry out. It was the only thing I needed and while I could make a purchase online and wait for it to come, why would I do that when I could opt for same day? The Instacart collaboration with Sephora seemed like a dream come true.

That was, until I opened up my Instacart app only to find that Sephora was not an option. What gives? A friend of mine happens to work at Instacart and discovered that the delivery is only an option if there is free parking just outside the store. In a city like San Francisco, the chances are slim. I gave in and drove myself to the nearest Sephora to give myself my own personal same day delivery. While it’s not a benefit I can use today, I’m hoping that this is something that they’ll reconsider. For now, the option has become available as of October 19th and if you have the chance to take advantage of this, you should try it out! I’m also just curious about how it will work! Being able to have same day delivery this quick is a game changer.


19 Oct 2020

How America Bungled the Plague

Some may say that it’s not healthy to always be watching the news. Okay, that someone is me and that’s what I say to my own parents, but in recent weeks, it seems like COVID-19 continues to grow far more distant. With the looming election, it seems like that has taken precedence over the pandemic which has now been with us for seven months. For me, I can’t forget about it that easily. Even though San Francisco has been doing reasonably well, it’s not a time to be arrogant. We could very easily be in the same situation has cities spiking on the east coast right now.

From time to time, I watch videos like these for a few reasons. It’s important to know what’s happening and to have an understanding of how we got here. I’m not going to pretend that this doesn’t exist anymore even if I know some people would prefer that. And at the end of the day, these are the things that remind me how little we have held our President accountable for. We’ve got some work to do.

18 Oct 2020

Navigating the Pandemic Blindly

I’ll be the first to embarrassingly admit that I take social media too seriously. It’s hard not to when these platforms are responsible for instant validation. I could write a chapter on this, but tonight I want to talk about this photo and what I did last night. Those close to me know that I’ve taken the risks of COVID-19 seriously. I refuse to get on a plane, to be in groups larger than four, to eat indoors, etc. It took four months to be okay with eating outdoors even after it was acceptable. When outdoor dining was announced, I personally took a stance against it sharing my own reasons.

It’s four months later and while we’re all on our own timelines and naturally will loosen our own restrictions, I can’t help but feel some guilt. The guilt is going back on my word despite the time frame, guilt for friends of mine who also won’t eat outdoors, and those that are currently still being impacted by COVID-19 and have lost loved ones. It’s tough to know what’s right when the administration doesn’t lead by example and we’re left to fend for ourselves. The reality that I feel is that I’m going to be anxious about this for a long time. I’ve always been honest on all of my platforms. There was a part of me last night that considered taking the photo down. At the same time, it’s important to reflect on these type of experiences as they occur.

I’d be taking the easy way out if I deliberately left these moments out. These next few months with the election and the rising COVID-19 cases won’t be easy. This may likely be the last time I eat outdoors for the rest of the year as our heat wave ends. How anyone can possibly do everything right in this situation is impossible.

18 Oct 2020


This is the collection of coats! We haven’t featured many of these throughout this collection for this season even, but now all of a sudden, we are in a coat spirit. Must be fall.

Read more “Lanvin”
18 Oct 2020

This Weekend:

Usually we start these posts on Friday or earlier in the weekend, but today’s post will actually cover all the things I’ve already done.

What We Watched: BLACKPINK – Light Up the Sky

When we learned that Netflix would play host to the BLACKPINK documentary we were thrilled! I actually watched this the day after it premiered and before the weekend hit because I couldn’t wait any longer. It surpassed every expectation I had for the documentary. If there was one thing I wish were different, it would be that it were longer than just 79 minutes. The documentary itself felt like it flew by and while director, Caroline Suh did a phenomenal job of capturing the four individual personalities of the girls, there was more that I wanted to see. This was, however, the first documentary I watched that covered the trainee process for South Korean entertainment companies. A documentary on that subject alone would also interest me. So far, Light Up the Sky is sitting at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

What We’re Listening To: Seori

During a K-Drama I watched this week, I had heard Seori’s Fairytale for the first time during a dance sequence. It was a refreshing sound to hear after weeks of K-pop after K-Pop after K-pop. We went down a short rabbit hole of her discography, but are really enjoying it so far!

What We’re Wearing: [Free People Cloud Nine Mini Dress] – $78

Technically, we don’t have this in our possession yet, but it’s on the way! The pandemic has showed me that a lot of the pieces I own are better suited for going out or being a part of an overall look. Not all of it is comfortable and in general, not all clothes have to be. However, since I am spending most of my days at home, comfort is something I’d rather optimize for. At home, nobody cares what label you’re wearing or how much it costs. These things don’t matter that much in the real world anyway, but it is something we think about. I think if I had seen this dress at the store, I would categorize it only as lounge wear and therefore not serve me much purpose. Now that my environment has changed, it’s perfect.

What We’re Eating: Beretta

Since Beretta entered the neighborhood, I have been spoiled by their pizza. Their Margherita with Burrata is one of my favorite things to order in the city. While the weather is nice, my friends and I took advantage by dining out at the restaurant’s pop up on Divis. We ordered both the Margherita with Burrata Pizza and Prosciutto Pizza with Crab Arancini and Eggplant Caponatina. If you’re looking for a refreshing cocktail, I also recommend the Diablo!


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