16 Oct 2020

BTS “Dynamite” Performance – Billboard Music Awards 2020

I’m never going to forget how weird award shows were in 2020. In a show that was 85% awkward award acceptances with no crowd, there were gems like this BTS performance. I’ve watched them perform “Dynamite” so many times now that I could tell you every sequence of the entire thing. However, despite that, I never get tired of watching it. Every performance is different in some way, shape or form from their outfits, to the set, or the overall arrangement. For their Billboard performance, the guys wore red suits accompanied by a band, and performed at the Incheon Airport in South Korea. To cap off the performance, an airplane flew overhead! I always think I know exactly what’s going to happen during “Dynamite,” but they just continue to surprise their fans every time.

Posted on October 16, in Music

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