16 Oct 2020


Every once in awhile, an Instagram account comes along that catches my eye. It often includes the merging of two pop culture themes. After watching Netflix’s Emily in Paris series and not sure what to make of my feelings, I ultimately netted it out to be an enjoyable watch. At times, it was both confusing and annoying, but even I can admit that I had some laughs. Emily, herself, is a fish out of water heading to Paris for a new gig and working with new coworkers that can’t stand her. @EmilyinParasite however, imagines Emily heading to another destination where she also wouldn’t fit in. Voila! Emily in Paris becomes Emily in Parasite! In different scenes, Emily is photoshopped in and naturally sticks out like a sore thumb. Though the account was just created this week, I see a lot of potential and cannot wait to follow along.

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