18 Oct 2020

This Weekend:

Usually we start these posts on Friday or earlier in the weekend, but today’s post will actually cover all the things I’ve already done.

What We Watched: BLACKPINK – Light Up the Sky

When we learned that Netflix would play host to the BLACKPINK documentary we were thrilled! I actually watched this the day after it premiered and before the weekend hit because I couldn’t wait any longer. It surpassed every expectation I had for the documentary. If there was one thing I wish were different, it would be that it were longer than just 79 minutes. The documentary itself felt like it flew by and while director, Caroline Suh did a phenomenal job of capturing the four individual personalities of the girls, there was more that I wanted to see. This was, however, the first documentary I watched that covered the trainee process for South Korean entertainment companies. A documentary on that subject alone would also interest me. So far, Light Up the Sky is sitting at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

What We’re Listening To: Seori

During a K-Drama I watched this week, I had heard Seori’s Fairytale for the first time during a dance sequence. It was a refreshing sound to hear after weeks of K-pop after K-Pop after K-pop. We went down a short rabbit hole of her discography, but are really enjoying it so far!

What We’re Wearing: [Free People Cloud Nine Mini Dress] – $78

Technically, we don’t have this in our possession yet, but it’s on the way! The pandemic has showed me that a lot of the pieces I own are better suited for going out or being a part of an overall look. Not all of it is comfortable and in general, not all clothes have to be. However, since I am spending most of my days at home, comfort is something I’d rather optimize for. At home, nobody cares what label you’re wearing or how much it costs. These things don’t matter that much in the real world anyway, but it is something we think about. I think if I had seen this dress at the store, I would categorize it only as lounge wear and therefore not serve me much purpose. Now that my environment has changed, it’s perfect.

What We’re Eating: Beretta

Since Beretta entered the neighborhood, I have been spoiled by their pizza. Their Margherita with Burrata is one of my favorite things to order in the city. While the weather is nice, my friends and I took advantage by dining out at the restaurant’s pop up on Divis. We ordered both the Margherita with Burrata Pizza and Prosciutto Pizza with Crab Arancini and Eggplant Caponatina. If you’re looking for a refreshing cocktail, I also recommend the Diablo!

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