21 Oct 2020

Sephora x Instacart

With the ongoing pandemic still happening, I’m not inclined to find myself wanting to leave the house. Most of the necessities we need can be delivered straight to our homes from groceries, prescriptions, anything that can be found on Amazon, so why not beauty products? While I was getting ready for work the other day, I found my Stila waterproof eyeliner starting to dry out. It was the only thing I needed and while I could make a purchase online and wait for it to come, why would I do that when I could opt for same day? The Instacart collaboration with Sephora seemed like a dream come true.

That was, until I opened up my Instacart app only to find that Sephora was not an option. What gives? A friend of mine happens to work at Instacart and discovered that the delivery is only an option if there is free parking just outside the store. In a city like San Francisco, the chances are slim. I gave in and drove myself to the nearest Sephora to give myself my own personal same day delivery. While it’s not a benefit I can use today, I’m hoping that this is something that they’ll reconsider. For now, the option has become available as of October 19th and if you have the chance to take advantage of this, you should try it out! I’m also just curious about how it will work! Being able to have same day delivery this quick is a game changer.


Posted on October 21, in Style

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