24 Oct 2020

This Weekend:

What We’re Watching: Over the Moon (Netflix)

We first wrote about “Over the Moon” back in June when we heard this film was coming out. An animation with a Chinese lead and an all Asian cast? What’s not to be excited about? I thought I had an idea of what the synopsis was going to be about, but was pleasantly surprised watching it myself yesterday. It surpassed my expectations and was much more enjoyable than I thought. We may have shed more than a few tears, which we also didn’t expect! I hope you all spend some time watching this this weekend and enjoy all the beautiful visuals and songs.

What We’re Listening To: MAMAMOO – Dingga

Even though it’s a pop song, it has a very laid back dance to it. The dance to it is also pretty cute and we’re debating whether or not we should learn it!

What We’re Wearing: [Zella High Waist Studio Pocket 7/8 Leggings] – $65

I like these leggings so much that I wish I had bought more than just one pair! The level of comfort and flexibility in these is unmeasurable in comparison to my other leggings. I especially love the small pocket holes which make it ideal for runners. Though I am not one, I am hopeful that one day I’ll have a use for the small pockets!

What We’re Eating: Whole Cakes Pastries

One of my favorite treats to myself is running to Whole Cakes – an Asian owned bakery in the city and picking up a handful of things for the weekend. The pandemic has really ignited my love for sweets and comfort foods. And honestly, who can choose between a slice of cake, assorted scones and cookies? Why not have them all?

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