24 Oct 2020

Weekend Thoughts: A COVID Test

Scheduling my flu shot this week reminded me that we have gone through two seasons of a pandemic. Every weekend that goes by, I am still left questioning how we even got here. I remember coming home from Thailand back in March and thinking that I would have been back at my office in June. Instead, there may not even be an office to come back to. Getting my flu shot made me think of something that people have also been doing routinely – getting the COVID test. After 7 months, I still haven’t gotten one. It’s not that everyone is required to get one. My take is that if you feel like you are exhibiting symptoms or for whatever reason are planning to see a group of people then you should absolutely take one. For myself, that hasn’t been the case for me yet.

I did a poll on Instagram and nearly 60% of people said they have taken the test while 30% have not. I think I expected those number to be reversed and when the results came, I wondered if I was doing something wrong! With the election around the corner and cases continuing to rise, there’s a lot to be anxious about. Whatever the case, I hope the election is in our favor so that we can take the steps we need to on getting a handle of the virus. Please stay safe, stay healthy and remember to vote!

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