30 Oct 2020

AOC x Vanity Fair

I don’t know why seeing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the cover of Vanity Fair makes me emotional, but it does. These days leading up to the election have made me feel nervous and uncertain about the future. There is only one hand (if that) I can use to recall the number of people in politics that I respect and look up to. AOC is one of those five. For as long as we’ve known her in this spotlight, her voice has been unwavering. She is a role model without even trying and she’s so cool that she’s a household name under my parent’s roof.

Seeing her on the cover of Vanity Fair is powerful. Whether it’s being on this cover or playing “Among Us” live on Twitch, there is no doubting how relatable she is as a figure. She’s one of us. Not that this even needs to be said, but here she is in a matter of weeks being a gamer, in politics, and talking about how her red lip is her signature. As BTS army would say, “the duality!”

For the full cover story, you can read this at [Vanity Fair]

Posted on October 30, in People

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