30 Oct 2020

Cushnie is Closing

Another fashion brand exiting because of COVID is not what we want to hear right now. Since 2008, I have long admired both Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs. Monochrome pieces combined with simple silhouettes with the occasional cutout seemed like a dream for me even 12 years ago. While it wasn’t something I could even think of affording *ahem* upon graduating high school, I always thought I’d have another chance. More recently, that opportunity seemed realistic when I learned that Cushnie was collaborating with Target. Unfortunately, they didn’t have enough pieces or the pieces I wanted to try on in store.

With the recent collaboration, I didn’t catch wind that anything was wrong. I had forgotten that brands can shutter even when things seem positive because especially now, we’re all faking it until we make it. Cushnie and Ochs were part of an iconic label. Even when Ochs departed from the brand in 2018, Carly Cushnie continued to carry it on. However, in this climate, no one is safe from the pandemic and the fashion industry has taken a beating. While Cushnie is closing for now, Carly promises in her last statement that she “will always continue to create.” We look forward to whatever is next for her.


Posted on October 30, in Style

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