Month: November 2020

30 Nov 2020

Blog Roundup

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  • 12 Incredibly Useful Gmail Settings You Didn’t Know You Needed [Fast Company]
  • No, A Negative Coronavirus Test Does Not Mean You Can Safely Socialize [The New York Times]
  • 3 Brilliant Ways to Transform Leftover Stuffing [The New York Times]
  • Support Small Businesses This Holiday Season [Put This On]
  • 10 Essential Movies About Chess [Vulture] I just started The Queen’s Gambit this week!
  • Snapchat Has Announced A TikTok-Style App Called Spotlight [Fader]
  • 10 New Holiday Traditions to Try This Year [The Every Girl]
  • BTS’s “Life Goes On” Did the Impossible [The Atlantic]
  • Cloth Masks to Shop Now [Vogue]
  • I can’t believe I was going to carve out time in my Monday night to watch what is half of a performance! Please, they should’ve given them a whole special.
  • Spotify Tests A Story Feature For Some Playlists [Hypebeast]
30 Nov 2020

Nike Blazer Mid ’77 in Patchwork

There was a period in my life where I thought all sneakers I owned needed to be unique in some way. If suede was not commonly used, I needed to have it. A gingham print in a high top? It’s mine. It didn’t matter if it matched with the other pieces in my closets. In some ways, that wasn’t even the point. However, as I’ve gotten older and expanded upon my collection, we opt for simple. These days, nearly everything I own is monochrome, but that doesn’t automatically make your sneakers boring.

This latest Blazer Mid ’77 silhouette is various shades of grey and print. It is anything, but simple. The clean swoosh along with the patchwork print and subtle corduroy bring texture to this shoe. In my opinion, it’s quite a sophisticated piece and naturally, we need this too. While we’ve been given a preview now, there is no official release date yet, but we should expect more news on it in the coming months.


29 Nov 2020

Hong Jang Hyun

Before BTS came into my life, we’ve always profiled photographers that we’ve been impressed with. The “Dynamite” era proved to be successful for the group and with that came a wave of western press. For months, this left with me a lot of questions. Before I became a fan, were they always getting this much press attention? Why don’t American artists and bands have nearly the same amount of press the way they do? I read every cover story: Variety, Wall Street Journal, and Esquire – all released back to back with each other. Each piece had a different voice and focus because obviously – three different outlets here. The ones I didn’t love as much were the pieces that continued to compare them to The Beatles. Enough, already. The one I loved most was [Esquire]. Dave Holmes had clearly done his research on the group and allowed each member to bring more depth and vulnerability to the piece in a way we haven’t seen before.

After reading each piece, I never returned to the content, but what I came back to more than once was the photos. It’s no secret that, by now, the guys are outfitted in the best looks for these types of shoots. Who can forget the Dior era they had on stage even? But it’s not just about the fashion here. Why do they look like they’ve been modeling for years? Are these the same guys I watched wood carving and singing karaoke from “In the Soop?” Each of these cover stories had one thing in common, photographer, [Hong Jang Hyun].

A quick search leads me to [Hong Jang Hyun’s] Instagram page, a very well known fashion photographer. His range of work spans editorials, collections, and advertisements. In addition to BTS, he has photographed some of my favorite Korean celebrities. Song Hye Kyo, Park Bo Gum, and Park Seo-Joon have all worked with him. Even though these pieces have been out for some time, I keep going back to the photographs – something I rarely do for anyone else.

A few favorites:

There’s a theme here as we follow the guys through this promotional process for “Dynamite” and their new album “BE.” But let’s also not forget that Hong Jang Hyun can do this with BTS too:

When I read pieces, I often leave thinking only about the content and the photos as an afterthought. Hong Jang Hyun’s work leaves me feeling the complete opposite. As someone who wrote for their high school newspaper and yearbook, this concept of these two things supporting each other should have been more important to me back then. I don’t know how many more pieces BTS will have through the end of the year, but we secretly hope that Hong Jang Hyun will continue capturing them every time.

29 Nov 2020

Holiday Gift Guide 2020

[Ohom Kopi Mug and Warmer Set] – $75

When it comes to Christmas shopping, Kevin and I are no strangers to waiting until the last minute to shop for my parents. Instead of shipping things directly to our parents’ home (to avoid spoilers obviously) we wait until we’re back in Seattle to do all of our shopping. Most times, it can be what you expect it to be: hectic and chaotic. Other times, it gives us an excuse to leave the house and visit some of our favorite local spots while we’re out.

This year, we won’t be returning home for Christmas. Instead my parents will receive their presents unwrapped, but boxed from USPS. It’s not the holiday we hoped for, but we’ll make this sacrifice for the safety of those we love. In previous years, you’d be getting this holiday guide from me the week before Christmas. Since I had some time off this week from Thanksgiving, I decided to get a head start. You all may need it since you might also be doing some shipping of your own!

I didn’t intend for the theme to be so focused around home life, but after the year we’ve had and what 2021 may look like, this seems fitting. These are the gifts that make your home a little more “home-y” and you more comfortable. In addition to getting this guide earlier than usual, you’re also getting MORE because nothing is sold out yet.

[Ortofon Orbit Special Walnut Turntable with Built-In Pre Amp] – $549

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29 Nov 2020

Song of the Day

Tycho – For How Long (Harvey Sutherland Remix)

When this original came out a year ago, it was one of my favorite songs. I love how the tempo has been brought up with this Harvey Sutherland remix. It makes for some very easy listening on a Sunday afternoon. Enjoy!

28 Nov 2020

The Closet: November 2020

[Topshop Clara Shirt Jacket] – $140

As always, the theme is cozy here. Never have I ever leaned into the lounge wear trend more than I have now, but I know someday, I’ll be able to mix and match these pieces for more acceptable outfits in the outside world. In addition to comfortability, now is the best time to stock up on basics. I’ve come to the realization that that is truly something you can never have enough of. Until now, it’s also not something that I prioritized. We are getting a head start on posting this now so that we can begin an earlier release date for our holiday gift guide. Enjoy!

[Free People We the Free Be Free Tunic] – $38

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28 Nov 2020

A Balenciaga Lunch Box

In case there was any question about it, this piece is more fashion than functional. It was the last post on the [Hypebeast] website, but it stopped me in my tracks. As a lunch box, I’m much too old to be owning a product like this, but from a fashion perspective, it is exactly what I want. A piece like this won’t come cheap though. Balenciaga is selling this non-lunch box for $1,980 USD, but whether you’re carrying it to fake a lunch box or not, you will definitely catch eyes. To make this even more of a versatile piece, you also have the option of attaching the leather strap to it in case you want to opt for having it over the shoulder or wearing it across your body.

Serious shoppers that want to buy this for themselves may click [here]

28 Nov 2020

Outfits Inspired: Fall 2020

When I think about fall, my mind automatically goes to layering. It’s not possible to leave the house without three different types of shirts, a jacket, and a scarf. The weather (especially in San Francisco) is unpredictable enough that you can shift between feeling warm and cold within minutes. However, if I’m being honest with you, I’m not dressing like it’s a typical fall.

This year, fall in my household looks like a space heater that is on half the time. I’m sitting right next to it even though I don’t need to be. It is wearing my prettiest dresses around the home sans layers and not expecting any guests. I’m dressing up for myself because it improves my mood. Dresses are the pieces we pick because pants have and always will be the most constraining.

One thing that hasn’t changed, despite the year we’re having, is that I am still very much in love with a neutral colored wardrobe.

28 Nov 2020

Saturday Check In

I think we can agree that celebrating holidays in 2020 are out of the ordinary this year. In all the years that I have lived in the Bay Area, I never once considered decorating at my home let alone purchasing any kind of Christmas tree – real or fake. For years, I was the one accompanying Mandi and Eric to various Christmas tree farms around the Bay Area to pick out theirs. Each time, they offered to assist me in chopping it down (if I changed my mind) and each time I politely declined.

However, this year is different. In prior years, it wasn’t necessary to spend the time or money decorating because I wasn’t here for the holidays. My parents had their own tree that I grew up with. It didn’t matter if I had my own in San Francisco because my tree was back in Seattle. As a holiday, I like Christmas. I’m not obsessed with it the way some people I know are. Having just passed Thanksgiving, I realized I might be having a change of heart. In 2020, every day is the same. Our landmarks to show us how time passes are these holidays. Sometimes, it’s all we feel that we have. Unlike me, Kevin succumbed to a mini Christmas tree already!

It was present for our Thanksgiving, less than three feet tall and adorned with lights. Looking at it brought me a renewed sense of joy that I didn’t think I needed. When the power cut out and we had to arrange what could stay “plugged in” or not, I found myself saying, “the Christmas tree needs to stay!” And on Small Business Saturday, I found myself at the local gift shop purchasing two new ornaments which I plan to hang on Kevin’s mini Christmas tree. The debate is open on whether or not I still purchase my own, but in any case, it’s clear that we are celebrating here this year.

28 Nov 2020

Small Business Saturday

Though today happens to be the day we dedicate to showing our appreciation for small businesses, showing our support for them can happen any day. As we inch closer to the holidays, it’s important to consider shopping locally first. The pandemic has impacted everyone in one way or another. Our local restaurants and smaller shops have taken some of the hardest hits during this time. If you’re considering buying Barack Obama’s latest memoir, have you considered an independent bookshop near your house? One of my favorite neighborhood shops, [Rare Device,] is always my go-to spot for any type of greeting card, candles, and this year, ornaments.

I have no problem boasting about Rare Device because they have an online shop too! However, I know that there are so many other businesses that could use more exposure and attention. Even though we’re coming to a close on Small Business Saturday, I’ll continue posting my favorites to Instagram as time goes on and I hope you’ll consider your favorites as you begin holiday shopping.


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